Matthew Trentacoste


End-to-end data scientist, Ph.D., and production engineer, focused on transforming research and ideas into usable products for 14 years. Broad experience in domains including machine learning, analysis, web backend, GPU programming, mobile development, and hardware prototypes. I thrive on the challenges of messy, real-word problems (in both the sense of widely-applicable and not-just-software).


PhD in Computer Science, University of British Columbia
MSc in Computer Science, University of British Columbia
BSc in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Professional experience

Consulting Data Scientist, Figma, San Francisco, CA.
Establishing the analytics foundation. Logging, infrastructure, and analysis assisting both growth and product decisions.
Data Science Community Founding Member, Greylock Partners, Menlo Park, CA.
Helping curate the excellent Greylock data science community.
Data Scientist, Sprig, San Francisco, CA.
Involved in all data aspects of a complex logistics and culinary business. Researched and implemented real-time system for accepting orders, intelligently throttling order-rate based on system load to maximize delivery efficiency while preserving SLA. Designed demand forecasting tools for planning and procurement of future menus. Provided deep analysis to product and business teams.
Computer Scientist, Adobe, San Francisco, CA.
Handled majority of product management responsibilities for mobile photography project. Designed and implemented photo editting UI + underlying GPU image processing algorithms. Developing data pipelines for creative products. Conducting research identifying and classifying visual style of images, as well as recommending content-specific edits.
Scientist, Empty Research, Vancouver, BC.
Multiple projects including computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms for computational aesthetics, automatically generated websites for mobile devices, and GPU-accelerated mobile photography and vision applications.
Researcher / Developer, Pocket Pixels, Vancouver, BC.
Top-selling selective desaturation photography for iPhone and iPad. Completely rebuilt the app’s graphics framework, included interactive image adjustments and faster performance. After release, the app rose to #6 in the US store.
Research Engineer, Dolby, Vancouver, BC.
Supported the development of Dolby technology licensed to manufacturers, including the SIM2 Grand Cinema SOLAR. Developed calibration methods for accurate display of content on HDR displays, and environment sensing setups for adjusting display color to the viewing environment. Reduced visible artifacts from LED variation by 90%.
Principal Software Developer / Researcher, BrightSide Technologies, Vancouver, BC.
Responsible for the complete design, development, and implementation of a the video processing pipeline for LED-backlight display prototype, the BrightSide DR37-P. Developed the GPU-accelerated software used for all demos, securing 2 years worth of investment capital. Created third-party API for display hardware. Expanded IP portfolio.

Journal articles & papers

Recognizing Image Style, S. Karayev, M. Trentacoste, H. Han, A. Agarwala, T. Darrell, A. Hertzmann, H. Winnemoeller. British Machine Vision Conf.
Scale-Dependent Perception of Countershading: Enhancement or Artifact?, M. Trentacoste, R. Mantiuk, W. Heidrich, F. Dufrot. Eurographics
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Blur-Aware Image Downsizing, M. Trentacoste, R. Mantiuk, W. Heidrich. Eurographics
Defocus Techniques for Camera Dynamic Range Expansion, M. Trentacoste, C. Lau, M. Rouf, R. Mantiuk, W. Heidrich. Proceedings of Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XXI
Photometric Image Processing for High Dynamic Range Displays, M. Trentacoste, W. Heidrich, L. Whitehead, H. Seetzen, G. Ward. Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Special Issue on High Dynamic Range Imaging
Ldr2Hdr: On-the-fly Reverse Tone Mapping of Legacy Video and Photographs, A. G. Rempel, M. Trentacoste, H. Seetzen, D. Young, W. Heidrich, L. Whitehead, G. Ward. Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH
Real Illumination from Virtual Environments, A. Ghosh, M. Trentacoste, H. Seetzen, and W. Heidrich. Eurographics Symposium on Rendering
Volume Rendering for High Dynamic Range Displays, A. Ghosh, M. Trentacoste and W. Heidrich. International Workshop on Volume Graphics
High Dynamic Range Display Systems, H. Seetzen, W. Heidrich, W. Stuerzlinger, G. Ward, L. Whitehead, M. Trentacoste, A. Ghosh, A. Vorozcovs. Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH


Mitigation of LCD Flare, G. Ward, J. Harrison, H. Seetzen, M. Trentacoste, US 2010/0277515 A1
Multiple Modulator Displays and Related Methods, W. Heidrich, M. Trentacoste, G. Ward, H. Seetzen, US 2010/0091045 A1

Talks & other

Adobe Photoshop Fix
Image Features in Python (talk) (slides)
Color Splash
Dolby Vision display
High Dynamic Range Techniques in Graphics: from Acquisition to Display, M. Goesele, W. Heidrich, B. Hoefflinger, G. Krawczyk, K. Myszkowski, M. Trentacoste, Eurographics


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